Case Study: The Alternative Daily

The Alternative Daily is a high traffic news blog focusing on Health and Wellness. Over time the management team for The Alternative Daily began to notice a pretty steady decline in page load times, as plugins and other features were added to the site.

The team at WP Tuners was asked to take a look at the site and offer up some suggestions for performance and security improvements. Using a systematic approach and taking into consideration the hardware, software, plugins and theme modifications to core WordPress a list of opportunities was created and in turn investigated.

The end result was a series of modifications in all of these areas, including writing new plugins and modifying existing ones to minimize resource calls, and optimize time to first byte delivery of page html. Page load times improved significantly going from 10-12 seconds using, down to 2-5 seconds.

If you have a WordPress Blog and are looking to improve your sites performance, please do not hesitate and call us today!


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